Nitta Belting

In Nitta’s thinking, belts make the world go around. Accordingly, every possible effort is made to ensure that the most modern materials and techniques are used. You can be certain that if you have a Nitta belt on your machine, you are using the best that modern technology can offer.

Our PolyBelt power transmission belts, made in the U.S, will beat any competitive product in performance and longevity. Our PolySprint machine tapes (finger spliceable, no adhesives needed) are a quick fix answer to the competition’s products. The tension member of these belts is the urethane and the cords that make up the middle of the belt, not the surface material. This allows our belts to last longer and provides you with decreased downtime and increase your efficiency on dollars spent. Carryflex finger-splice belts have an Aramid cord tension member for increased strength and dimensional stability, and are designed for specialized textile and printing industry applications. The SEB (truly seamless) belts, made in Japan, are chosen by the most demanding customers for precise motion control applications (ATM’s, copy machines, strappers, etc.). Finally, our conveyor belts, with many different carcass types and covers of several modern materials, complete the assortment.